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Evil Dreams to awaken this year on Steam

Evil Dreams to awaken this year on Steam
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Hand-painted side-scrolling adventure set in "a world of nightmares" revealed for Windows PC


How long would it take you to go insane if you were forced to wander through nightmares in person? Chances are it'd take just about as long as indie developer Fitbie's upcoming new side-scrolling adventure, appropriately titled Evil Dreams.

The days of the nineteenth-century Wild West are over, but all the residents in the "dying" town of Marwood now mysteriously suffer from horrible dreams. In order to figure out why, Marcus, a teenaged boy from a noble family, takes it upon himself to project himself into his neighbours' nightmares, where he is "forced to face an ancient evil" in the "stupefying" realm of Mordox. If he's to determine the cause of the dreams and hopefully free the townsfolk from their accursed fate forever, Marcus will need to "travel between the real world and the world of the dreamers" to search for clues and uncover the "hidden secrets of the citizens," all without becoming trapped or losing his mind in the process.

Evil Dreams is a keyboard-controlled, 2D side-scrolling psychological adventure presented in a stylish hand-drawn art style. Despite the fantastical elements players will encounter in the dream world, the environments have been "recreated from archival photos of the U.S. at the end of the 19th century" for more historical authenticity. They'll be populated by a variety of unusual characters to meet – some of them human, many of them not, comprising both "dark and light souls" – as well as "lots of puzzles, mechanics, secrets, and Easter eggs" to uncover along the way. You'll also be confronted with moral dilemmas at times, relating the lives of Native Americans from that era.

There is no firm target release date, but Evil Dreams is scheduled to become reality on Steam for Windows PC sometime before the end of this year.


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