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Demo set free for Escape from Mystwood Mansion

Demo set free for Escape from Mystwood Mansion
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Full version of first-person 3D puzzle adventure to arrive on Steam for Windows PC this summer


If remote adventure game mansions aren't filled with tormented ghosts or eccentric madmen, it's a good bet they're stuffed with a host of brain-teasing puzzles instead. The setting for Lost Sock Studio's Escape from Mystwood Mansion is very much in the latter camp, and a demo will offer up a room-sized taste of what to expect.

The game has only a basic narrative framework that sees you, "Subject 83," step foot in the titular mysterious manor, only to have the door lock behind you and trap you inside. With no way to retreat, the only hope for escape is to venture deeper within, and "as you explore the mansion’s many rooms you discover that someone has orchestrated a series of puzzles and challenges." (An eccentric madman had to factor in there somewhere.) Only by keeping your wits about you can you hope to make your way out, and hopefully "uncover the mansion’s final secret" while you're at it.

Escape from Mystwood Mansion is a free-roaming, first-person 3D puzzler with a semi-realistic illustrated art style. Thorough exploration and puzzle solving are what the experience is all about, so players must carefully pick up, examine and manipulate any interactive 3D objects for "important details and clues" not otherwise visible. Indeed, entire rooms and passages can be hidden from view until you decipher codes or solve logic puzzles to access them. Along the way you'll also discover notes from your unseen captor, urging you to proceed where others before you have failed.

The full version of Escape from Mystwood Mansion isn't due until sometime in the third quarter of this year, but the manor's study, complete with crackling fireplace and four main puzzles, is open to the public now in a playable demo available on Steam for Windows PC.


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