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Kickstarter on upcoming calendar for Randal's Tuesday

Kickstarter on upcoming calendar for Randal's Tuesday
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Prequel to 2014 time-looping adventure to coincide with ten-year anniversary of predecessor's release


The star of Randal's Monday just kept coming back, doomed as he was to repeat the same accursed day time and time again. Now Randal's hoping to return once more, this time in a brand new prequel called Randal's Tuesday, but first he's going to need some crowdfunding help to make it happen.

While story details are sparse, the game takes players back to Randal's college days, where he'll once again be forced to confront an endlessly recurring day. This time he's not alone, however, as Randal will be only one of three different playable characters, each of them "with their own scenarios, items and skills." Success will require making progress with all three in order to break the cycle and let poor Randal get on with his life.

Along with its Groundhog Day-style premise, Randal's Tuesday shares several features in common with its predecessor, including vivid cartoon artwork and "a pinch of Randal’s characteristic black humor." Yet the developers aren't content to merely rehash what came before, instead aiming to create "a new game from head to toes, with no recycled elements or mechanics from the previous one." Which means "next level" graphics and sound, a new interface, and "many different, intuitive ways in which players can solve the challenges they encounter."

The goal is to launch Randal's Tuesday in 2024 to coincide with the ten-year anniversary of the original game's release. To achieve that, however, the developers will need some crowdfunding support to finance the project, as they're going the independent publishing route this time. There's no word yet on when the campaign and the accompanying demo might go live, but a Kickstarter page is ready now for those who wish to be notified when it does.



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