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Wonderland Quest due to drop later this year

Wonderland Quest due to drop later this year
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Hand-drawn casual fantasy adventure coming to Steam for Windows PC


Alice's Wonderland may be the most famous world by that name, but we'll all soon be able to embark on a whole different kind of Wonderland Quest in the casual point-and-click adventure debut by indie developer Funky Forest.

Players control a wizard named Adam, who finds himself venturing across the titular medieval realm on a journey "teeming with colorful challenges, surprises and creatures." With the help of his magic wand, "everything is possible here," so it's best to expect the unexpected. To have any hope of rescuing the "gorgeous princess from the evil eagle and [becoming] a prince of Wonderland," however, Adam will need to solve a variety of different logic puzzles blocking his path along the way.

Wonderland Quest is presented in a charming hand-drawn art style that melds third- and first-person perspectives, with Adam appearing on-screen while players have some direct control over the environment, independent of the protagonist's actions. There will be plenty of fantastical scenarios to guide Adam through, such as being "eaten by a two-headed giant frog" and finding a way to escape alive. You'll also explore a castle, the "dungeons of hell," magical forests, and even take to the skies in a hot air balloon. It's not intended to be a long game, but more of a relaxed, hour-long casual experience to play as a lighthearted diversion between more substantial adventure fare.

There is no target release date just yet, but Wonderland Quest is well along in its development and is due to launch on Steam for Windows PC sometime before the end of 2023.


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