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Interference: Dead Air Springs to Life on February 2nd

Interference: Dead Air Springs to Life on February 2nd
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Demo also available for short but highly replayable narrative-driven sci-fi thriller on Steam for PC


Life as a nighttime security guard is probably filled with long hours of tedium ... at least until all hell breaks loose on your watch. Not surprisingly, that's exactly what happens in Interference: Dead Air, a short but highly replayable choice-driven thriller due out in just a few days on PC.

Players assume the first-person role of a lowly guard slogging through a graveyard shift at The Barclay Institute. From your booth it's your job to monitor the goings-on inside and out of this "mysterious institute in the middle of the desert." Rarely does anything exciting ever happen, but tonight proves to be one of the exceptions when "the building is suddenly overrun by enemies." With scientists still trapped inside, including your best friend communicating with you via radio, it's up to you to "track dangers on your map board and reroute power throughout the facility" in order to lead them to safety. Or, y'know, NOT, if you decide you're just not paid enough to be worth all the trouble.

Interference plays out something like Firewatch, only here you don't have a whole 3D forest to explore. In fact, the entire game takes place within the cramped confines of your security booth, accompanied by "80s synth jams on the FM radio." From here you'll need to manage the "massive security breach" and remotely keep your best friend alive using only the limited equipment available. How you choose to handle this crisis will have a significant impact on the story. You can even choose to blow it off completely; it doesn't make you much of a friend, but you might just prefer to "shoot a few hoops or unwind with a relaxing word search puzzle." Experimentation is encouraged, as a single playthrough will only take about twenty minutes to complete, giving you plenty of opportunity to try different approaches in "a branching narrative adventure that plays out in real-time, with no two playthroughs exactly alike."

If you think you've got what it takes to be the hero (or antihero) of the day, you can punch the clock soon enough as Interference: Dead Air will be launched on Steam for Windows PC on February 2nd, with a downloadable demo available now for those who would like to try it out first.


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