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Demo precedes arrival of Superfluous Returnz on PC and Android devices

Demo precedes arrival of Superfluous Returnz on PC and Android devices
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Comedic hand-drawn point-and-click superhero adventure due for release sometime in May


We all know about Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and Superman, but none of them are getting their own point-and-click adventure game this spring. No, that distinction belongs to someone much farther down (like way, waaaaay down) the list of iconic superheroes when the titular protagonist of Superfluous Returnz arrives on the scene in May.

Superfluous is the masked alter ego of billionaire Harpagon Lonion, the self-proclaimed "fuschia knight." The problem is, as his moniker suggests, there's no criminals to foil in the quaint rural French village of Fochougny. This makes him a "very useless superhero" with nothing much to do, until someone begins stealing apples from the local orchards. At last Superfluous has a real case to sink his teeth into, so to speak, with the invaluable aid of his helpful assistant Sophie.

Presented in a cartoony 2D hand-drawn art style, Superfluous Returnz very much riffs on the superhero theme for laughs. And yet there's a real crime to solve, so as you explore the scenic "open world" environment, you'll need to "pick up items, combine them, [and] talk to people from Fochougny to try to figure out what happened." Playing largely as Superfluous but occasionally switching to Sophie, you can control the game in traditional point-and-click fashion via an interaction interface that pops up over hotspots, or you can choose to play using a keyboard or gamepad instead. There is no risk of dying (you are a "superhero" after all, complete with cape and underwear outside your tights), as the game is meant to be played at your leisure without fear of failure.

According to indie developer Studios, the complete version of Superfluous Returnz is due to be launched on Steam and for Windows, Mac and Linux sometime in May, along with a mobile release for Android devices. You can grab a sneak peek before then, however, as a playable demo is available now to download from the game's official website.


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