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Death Corp reaping crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Death Corp reaping crowdfunding on Kickstarter
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Demo available for classic-styled point-and-click cartoon adventure coming to PC in February 2024


In a tough job market, sometimes you have to take whatever work you can get, even if it's a bit unseemly. Like, say, as in intern for the Grim Reaper, which is exactly where you'll end up employed in Alberto Costa's upcoming comic point-and-click adventure, Death Corp, which is currently seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

Players control Art, a young man who has been rejected by several interviewers already for his first real job. However, his penchant for attracting bad luck draws the attention of the Grim Reaper, who recruits Art to intern under him at his titular company. Unsure of the whole "killing people" thing but lured by the promise of invulnerability and invisibility to mortals, Art agrees to step in and learn the ropes of being a collector of souls, though he soon finds that fate sometimes requires a little nudge if the doomed are to die at their appointed time.

If all that sounds rather bleak, rest assured that Death Corp is anything but. Presented in a charming hand-painted art style, the game's tone is entirely tongue-in-cheek in a "wicked story full of fantasy and humor," including many pop culture references from films, books, and the classic adventures that inspired it. There's some gore and grisly deaths, but it's all done in a whimsically cartoony style intended to amuse rather than disturb. Along the way there will be loads of items to collect, inventory puzzles to solve, and "ridiculous characters" to meet, some of them with one foot very much in the proverbial grave.

The full version of Death Corp will take another year to complete, with a target launch date sometime in February 2024, and even that may depend on the success of the Kickstarter campaign seeking €24,700 by March 8th. To sample the game's wares before backing the project, a playable demo is available to download on Steam and for Windows PC.



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