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The Bunny Graveyard to be unearthed in 2023

The Bunny Graveyard to be unearthed in 2023
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Minigame-filled demo available for upcoming five-part episodic cartoon rabbit thriller on PC


The image of colourful cartoon bunnies might lead one to expect a whimsical, lighthearted adventure. But with a name like Pichón Games' upcoming The Bunny Graveyard, it stands to reason that what lies ahead is a whole lot darker than it might first appear.

Players control just such a furry critter, a one-eyed lagomorph named Skye, who must attempt to "overcome her fear of the dark" so she can explore the eerie streets of Carrot Town when her brother disappears mysteriously. Unfortunately for Skye, "things get ugly once she realizes the world she's living in might not be what it seems." Finding her missing sibling will be anything but easy with numerous obstacles to overcome and "creepy monsters" with rabbit on the menu.

Presented in a charming pixel art style, The Bunny Graveyard more closely resembles the old 16-bit RPGs than traditional point-and-click adventures. Controlled via keyboard with optional mouse input, the gameplay is a similarly mixed bag: At times you'll need to explore the city's "creepiest locations" via a bird's-eye view, looking for items, meeting other characters and solving "typical" puzzles along the way. Frequently, however, you'll be called on to complete a variety of minigames, some of which will require timed button presses to succeed. And sometimes you'll simply need to run for your life from "terrifying creatures that will hunt you down until the very end." You'll never know what's around the corner, so expect the unexpected in a game the developers admit can "get a bit weird sometimes."

Planned as a five-part series that may or may not launch in early access, The Bunny Graveyard's debut is due out sometime later this year. In the meantime, a demo is already available from either Steam, or Game Jolt. Representing the first thirty minutes of the opening chapter, the minigame-filled sampler introduces a very different Skye than the one in the full game. She still has both eyes, for one thing, raising interesting questions about how she comes to be in her worsened condition later on.


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