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The Fantastic Kitty Rue waltzes onto Windows PC

The Fantastic Kitty Rue waltzes onto Windows PC
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Indie Steam release blends traditional adventure, visual novel, and rhythm game elements


Everyone put on their dancing shoes, because it's time to go adventuring! Wait, what? If those two things don't sound like the usual genre formula, that's because you've yet to check out The Fantastic Kitty Rue, a genre-bending hybrid released today on Steam.

A little girl named Felicity Rue lives "in destitution ... on the retro-futuristic planet of Felmuria," where she "dreams of becoming the most famous tap dancer in the galaxy" despite groving up in impoverished conditions. To succeed, however, she'll need to "chase her dream to the stars," all the while avoiding capture by Green Star, an "energy company seeking to use child labor in their factories."

At first glance, The Fantastic Kitty Rue looks like a standard hand-painted point-and-click adventure game with visual novel-styled dialogue sequences. And indeed there are five unique locations to explore on this "alien world" inspired by 1920s Art Nouveau, each filled with items to collect and a cast of slightly animalistic "strange new friends" to converse with. What separates this game from most is that throughout her 2-4-hour quest for fame, Felicity will also need to "perform fun dances to swing tunes" via six different rhythm minigames.

The Fantastic Kitty Rue is available now on Steam for Windows PC, and indie collaborators Ink Rose Inc, Studio Syndicat and TYM Studio hope to bring the game to Epic and mobile devices later on, though no date for further distribution has yet been announced.


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