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Amnesia: The Bunker to emerge in March on PC and consoles

Amnesia: The Bunker to emerge in March on PC and consoles
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New installment in Frictional's horror series the first to include player choice in a semi-open-world


Frictional Games' acclaimed horror series is back, with all the tension and blood-curdling chills we've come to expect, but in the upcoming Amnesia: The Bunker, the indie Swedish developer is taking a whole new approach by blending "emergent gameplay, more player agency, and a sandbox open-world environment with abundant unscripted terror."

While few story details have been revealed so far, players will assume the role of a French soldier who finds himself exploring a dimly lit WWI bunker with no memory and an "otherworldly creature" stalking him every step of the way. Judging by the many bloodstains, everyone else seems to be dead, and with rations running dangerously low and only a single bullet left in your gun, you'll need all your wits and "whatever tools are at [your] disposal to overcome the looming horrors." But this time around, you also have the ability to choose exactly how you're going to "face the oppressing terrors of the bunker and make your way out alive."

At first glance, The Bunker will seem much like its acclaimed predecessors with its free-roaming first-person presentation, immersive soundscape, tactile interaction with the environment, and a heavy reliance on darkness to conceal its nightmarish terrors. Rather than present a series of scripted events, however, here you can explore the "semi-open world" at your discretion, and decide how you will proceed. Players are encouraged to experiment, as there are "multiple available solutions to each task, puzzle, and approach to the game’s obstacles." Armed only with a revolver and a "noisy dynamo flashlight," you will be "in total control of [your] moment-to-moment decisions." You're going to need that freedom to adapt on the fly, too, as this time around the "objects, threats, and resources change in every playthrough," and your "every decision will change the outcome of how the game responds as a consequence of the choices made."

We don't have all that long to wait, either, as Amnesia: The Bunker is due to launch on Steam and Epic for Windows PC in March 2023, along with console versions for PlayStation and Xbox. To follow its progress in the meantime, you can register for updates on the game's official website.

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  1. Oh, Oh, I've played all the others. I didn't realize this was coming out! Great!


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