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illucid comes into focus on Kickstarter

illucid comes into focus on Kickstarter
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New interactive FMV mystery from the creators of The 13th Doll targeting a summer 2024 release


As any tattoo aficionado will tell you, their choice of ink tells a story. However, few stories are quite so tragic or crucially connected to one's fate as those of the dead woman in Attic Door Productions' illucid, which is currently seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

Rose was a young aspiring musician whose career was just beginning to take off when she was brutally beheaded, presumed murdered by her boyfriend Alex. But perhaps this was the fate Rose was destined for all along. She believed she was cursed to die at age 27, and that "the only way to stop the curse was through her tattoos.... The more tattoos she got, the more it kept the curse at bay." Under interrogation, Alex is questioned about the nine tattoos Rose received, each of which "archived moments in her life" and told a different piece of her story. As new flashbacks are unlocked, it is up to you to decide what happened and who the killer is, but you'll also need to determine what's real and what's merely a hallucination in Alex's drug-addled mind.

While not a "clone" of the developer's previous game, the fan-made 7th Guest sequel called The 13th Doll, illucid will share many of the same features as an "FMV and story-based adventure game with horror elements and intricate puzzles." Besides Alex, other members of the eclectic live-action cast are potential suspects as well, from the creepy obsessed fan to the "mysterious Pink Man" seen hanging around Rose, and perhaps even the tattoo artist himself. The story will branch according to your choices at "poignant moments" throughout, leading to a number of different possible endings.

In order to complete illucid, the indie developer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 USD by December 22nd. If successful, we could see the game launched on Steam and GOG for Windows and Linux in June 2024, with ports to other platforms to be considered later on.



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