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Construction of Project Vic 2 gets underway immediately

Construction of Project Vic 2 gets underway immediately
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New supernatural thriller from Marco Hirschfeld follows predecessor's March release on Steam

Marco Hirschfeld is wasting no time following up the recent release of his mystery thriller Project Vic, as the indie developer has already unveiled a sequel due out later this year.

The first game saw players assume the role of a freelance reporter who receives a tip from a friend with the police about a family tragedy that occurred nearby. There a scientist named Dr. Ethan Hastings, infamous for his animal experiments, apparently committed suicide soon after the unexplained death of his young daughter. Sensing a major story, you grab your camera and set out to investigate the crime scene at the family estate. Project Vic 2 is set years after those events, when the area has become largely deserted, run-down and desecrated by vandalism. You ignore government advisories to steer clear of the region, however, because "you love lost places and would do anything to discover new exciting places – no matter how dangerous the location may be." And so you venture inside the creepy old Hastings Mansion in search of new insights, but before long you discover that "what awaits you there is beyond anything you could ever have imagined."

As with its predecessor, Project Vic 2 will be a free-roaming, first-person 3D adventure in which you explore the family manor and surrounding grounds in search of clues to what happened here so many years ago – once you find a way in, of course. To even get there you'll need to traverse a number of "spooky locations," armed only with your trusty camera whose advanced functions will allow you to "discover hidden places and the secrets of this world."

There is no firm target release date just yet, but it's surprisingly soon with a launch on Steam expected sometime later this year for Windows PC. If you like what you see of the first Project Vic in the meantime, an Escape Room Games bundle is also available to download from the same developer under the studio name LiMiT.


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