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The Biggleboss Incident scheduled to occur in early 2025

The Biggleboss Incident scheduled to occur in early 2025
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Comedic hand-drawn "pointy-clicky corporate thriller" coming to Window, Mac, Steam Deck and iOS devices

A cushy middle-management job where you can basically slack off all day, dictate your own hours and delegate tasks to underlings may sound like a great gig, but if you ever get a job like that, be sure to read the fine print on your contract. Fail to do so and you may just find yourself in a scenario like the star of Bunkworks' upcoming debut adventure, The Biggleboss Incident.

Life at Biggleboss Inc. is good for assistant manager Tom Baron, who curiously has no tangible responsibilities with this corporate "market-leading disruptor, titan of industry" and is therefore committed to doing the bare minimum required without getting himself fired. He's supposed to put together a big pitch for Project AGER, but he's hit a bit of snag because "he doesn’t even know what Project AGER is." Office hours are unofficially flexible for Tom, but on this particular day he's running late – really late. So late, in fact, that he's going to have to sneak in a secret entrance, far from the prying eyes of security cameras and the company boss. Little does Tom know that his day is about to get a whole lot stranger as he faces a "boatload of bureaucracy, a furlong of fetch quests, and a pretty ominous set of warnings from a mysterious voice in the air vents." Maybe he should have read between the lines of the company motto: "There is nothing sinister happening at Biggleboss Inc."

As teased in the game's reveal trailer, The Biggleboss Incident will be fully voiced and feature a charmingly cartoony hand-drawn art style with "lots of whizzy animations and cutscenes and fun touches." Solo developer Adam Bunker describes it as a "pointy-clicky corporate thriller that’s a little bit Monkey Island, a little bit Metal Gear Solid, and ... kinda like a Kafkaesque version of 1984." That's an eclectic-sounding mix, but add it all up and it looks like a good time, riffing as it does on corporate culture with tongue planted firmly in cheek, while at the same time presenting some disturbing stakes as you collect and combine items, "solve puzzles, shirk responsibility, and figure out what’s really happening behind the scenes in the world’s weirdest office." As you progress, perhaps you'll gain some insight into why Mr. Biggleboss is covertly watching you and referring to you as the latest "subject." 

There is no firm target release date just yet, but after five years of solo development, The Biggleboss Incident is due to be launched on Steam sometime in the first quarter of 2025 for Windows, Mac and Steam Deck, along with a mobile version for iOS devices. In the meantime, you might be interested in the developer's extensive collection of videos on his YouTube devlog, where he's been chronicling his experiences as an indie game designer.  


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