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Unnamed Project identified on PC

Unnamed Project identified on PC
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The Stanley Parable-styled first-person adventure available now for download on Steam

Playtesting is one of the most important – yet often most neglected – elements of game development. Fortunately that's a lesson learned by Highlander Interactive, the indie studio behind the newly released Unnamed Project. They've lined up just the right playtester: YOU. 

Okay, technically you're playtesting a series of games within the game. You start out in complete darkness, accompanied only by the clickety-clack of a keyboard. Suddenly a door appears before you, beckoning you to enter "Room 1: The Hall." Your first task is to get the attention of the developer, as you've arrived ahead of time and caught him unaware. Your job is to "touch everything possible," no matter how destructively, and find out what happens. The developer will offer commentary on your actions along the way, but creators don't always appreciate testers doing unexpected things, so feel free to disregard his concerns. You do you, however you see fit, even if it means being unceremoniously thrown into a "different project" as a result.

Similar to the premise behind The Stanley Parable and The Beginner's Guide, Unnamed Project is a free-roaming, first-person 3D adventure with its tongue planted firmly in cheek. Physical laws still apply here, but all other rules can be chucked out the window – perhaps even literally – as you try anything and everything to put the developer's games through their paces. Each project is presented by a "singular playspace" for you to explore and interact with, and "the more you explore the more paths you unlock." Although individual playthroughs are fairly short, the game is meant to be highly replayable, as every level promises "multiple actions possible that will split the path to where your exploration leads you." It pays to be thorough and experiment, as "some levels are rarer than others," and your efforts will be awarded at game's end when the developer reveals "all he observed from you."

You can start playtesting Unnamed Project right away, as the game is available now on Steam for Windows PC. 


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