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First details crop up for The Guardian of Nature

First details crop up for The Guardian of Nature
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Hand-painted point-and-click science fantasy adventure unveiled for Windows and Mac

Solving the problems of our own ailing natural planet may be distressingly complex, but it looks to be a whole more like puzzling fun in Inlusio Interactive's upcoming point-and-click science fantasy adventure, The Guardian of Nature.

Something is disrupting the natural order in the woods inhabited by a man named Henry. Being a botanist, there's no one better qualified to investigate, so Henry sets out on a "magical journey" to the Mother Tree herself, following the "crucial mycelium network that connects the whole forest." Along the way there will be a variety of puzzles that can only be solved by using Henry's "ability to change in size to explore every nook and cranny of nature, from big to small." Only by overcoming all the obstacles in his path can Henry uncover the, uh, root of the problem and ultimately reconnect nature by fixing the "underground energy flow which is crucial for every plant and living being."

The Guardian of Nature promises to take players through a variety of lovely hand-painted environments both above and belowground, whether we "wander through giant forests of mushrooms, access underground ant tunnels or fly on the back of a bird." Progress will depend on the protagonist's ability to shrink and grow in size, as well as learning to operate a series of "solarpunk devices that enable Henry to harness the energy nature provides or to talk to animals that accompany him on his journey." By exposing players to the "marvelous world of nature" in this way, the indie Swiss developers hope to tell a "perspective-changing story" that educates and inspires positive change in a fun, organic way. 

While no release date has yet been announced, The Guardian of Nature is being cultivated now for Windows and Mac and is already available for wishlisting on Steam. You can also sign up for ongoing updates through the game's official website while you wait. 


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