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Farewell North due to arrive in August

Farewell North due to arrive in August
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Open-world canine adventure unveiled for PC, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch platforms

Dogs may be partially color blind, but it'll take an intrepid canine to restore vibrant hues to the environment in solo developer Kyle Banks's upcoming nature adventure, Farewell North

A young woman has suffered a tragic personal loss that has both literally and figuratively drained all the color from her life. Hoping to revive her "declining mental state," she sets out on a journey through the Scottish Highlands, accompanied only by her dog, a Border Collie named Chesley. It's not the human, however, but the animal who becomes the playable character and star of the show, as he must "explore land and sea, solve puzzles to reveal hidden paths, evade monsters, and free wildlife to bring color back to the world." Along the way, his owner will find herself learning to come to terms with an "emotional story about saying farewell" and find healing in the journey. 

Presented in a free-roaming, third-puppy perspective with the camera trailing behind its furry protagonist, Farewell North shares much in common with publisher Mooneye Studios' own debut 2019 release, Lost Ember. Here players will guide Chesley though a variety of different environments, including "running through lush grassy fields, hiking steep cliffs, and canoeing the ocean between an open world chain of islands inspired by the Scottish archipelagos of St. Kilda and Orkney." There will be "two distinct visual modes, with unique challenges and mechanics in each," as well as some "light puzzles" to solve as you seek to find just the right vantage points to reveal new paths, objects, and other "secrets of the islands." And though you'll encounter various "monsters, creatures and wildlife inspired by the rich history of Scottish folklore" in your travels, rest assured that it's not an action game, but a thoughtful, reflective adventure to be played at your own pace, gradually unveiling memories of the past that "led to your human falling into depression."

It won't be much longer before Farewell North is launched on Steam for Windows and Mac, with a target release date of August 15th, along with console versions for Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S. To learn more about the game in the meantime, be sure to check out the official website for additional details.


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