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Part of You ready to be part of your collection

Part of You ready to be part of your collection
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Abrurdist comedy adventure about regaining a lost identity available now on Steam for Windows PC

Adventure games are often about finding some MacGuffin or another, whether lost treasure or a fabled artifact of some kind. In Team Sometimes Y's newly released absurdist comedy Part of You, the hidden item in question may be the most important thing you'll ever need to find: your own lost identity. Fortunately, getting it back looks like it should be a whole lot of fun.

The town of Hacksaw Springs is usually pretty normal, but this week is shaping up to be a whole lot different. A clown convention has just begun and "things have been pretty hectic," with new stalls appearing at the local flea market, and "pop-up shops and protests" filling the parking lot. Complicating matters, the "incompetent town security is more preoccupied with googly eyes than A BOMB!" Amidst all this insanity, you've gone and done the one thing no one can afford to do: lost your own identity. The best place to look is in the convention's Lost and Found, but getting there will be no easy task. You'll need to interact with upwards of 100 unique characters with their own problems and identities, using the "totally ethical powers of flipping and swapping facial features" to make your way there. 

Described as a "puzzle-adventure game about finding yourself," Part of You takes a very lighthearted approach to its subject matter, exploring the "absurdity of the world and the silliness we all face every morning when we look at ourselves in the mirror." As you freely wander Hacksaw Springs from a first-person perpective, you'll encounter all kinds of characters who need your help if they're to aid in your quest, including the "dedicated employee of a three-years-defunct video store, a noseless mechanic in love with his goil, [and] a tumbleweed with a warrant." Crucial to your success are some unique tools, including a flipper that can turn anyone's fcial expression upside down, a stamp to clone facial features to recreate on others, the aforementioned googly eyes, and of course masks, which will come in very handy since you don't have your own identity, meaning you'll need to ... ahem, borrow some from other people. 

If a whimsical search for the real you sounds like your idea of a good time, then a) you probably already know yourself pretty well, and b) you can get started right away, as Part of You is available now on Steam for Windows PC. 

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