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Marcella Moon to rise again in Four Are Watching

Marcella Moon to rise again in Four Are Watching
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Fifth installment in Nancy Drew-styled point-and-click mystery series coming to Steam in April

She's still got a long way to go to catch up with her inspiration Nancy Drew, or even Carol Reed, but Hidden Ocean Games' protagonist Marcella Moon will close the gap a little more next month with the fifth installment in her ongoing mystery series, Four Are Watching.

This time around, the stakes are much more personal for the young amateur sleuth. After an invitation to hone her detective skills as an intern for the Rosebook Police Department, Marcella "receives an anonymous tip that may help her solve the cold case of her father's murder." Determined to succeed in what is surely the last chance to bring the perpetrator to justice, Marcella will need to use "everything she’s got to piece together the clues and find the killer before her luck runs out." 

As with its predecessors, Four Are Watching features a simple first-person, slideshow-style presentation. The story will take players through various locations across the small town of Rosebrook, Oregon. Along the way, you must "build ... relationships with other officers to get new leads" and solve a series of "detective and forensics-themed puzzles" to progress. The more people you interrogate and evidence you uncover, the more you'll come to understand that there's a complex conspiracy being concealed in this seemingly sleepy town. It turns out that "everyone has a secret" here, so you'll have your work cut out for you in uncovering the truth.  

If you're up for a little point-and-click investigating, there isn't long to wait as Marcella Moon: Four Are Watching is due to launch on Steam and on April 26th for Windows PC.


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