OneShortEye unearths 5 (more) hidden details about The Colonel's Bequest

oneshorteye hidden detail

November 5, 2023

An owl’s hoot floats on the bayou breeze. Thunder cracks in the distance. And you begin to wonder if those shadows in the swamp are hiding something more insidious than alligators…

October is the perfect time to play Sierra’s classic The Colonel’s Bequest. OneShortEye revisits the 1989 Laura Bow murder mystery in this video, revealing even more hidden details that have been lurking for decades but even he missed the first time around. Find out what’s going on with that dark well, how the secret passageways actually work, and why earning Super Sleuth is (still) so busted.

Here, presented for your examination, are 5 more Colonel’s Bequest details you probably didn’t notice.


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  1. Johnny Nys

    Never played this one but I really liked “Dagger of Amon Ra”. Should really try this one as well. I’ll put it on my classics-list 😀


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