How Speedrunners Broke Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers in One Keypress

Gabriel Knight Speedrun

September 7, 2023

Gabriel Knight is one of the most beloved adventure game series ever, which most fans take their time savoring while they play. But what happens when you unleash speedrunners on it? Well, Adventure Game Hotspot Network partner OneShortEye did just that.

In 2014, Pinkerton Road, the newly formed indie studio of Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes, released the 20th anniversary edition of the first game in the franchise, Sins of the Fathers. It took eight years for anyone to even think of speedrunning it, but when they did, they broke the game wide open. Not only that, but the game-changing strategy is ridiculously simple: press the B key.

Why? Watch to find out.

OneShortEye’s latest video features interviews with the runners; Chris Jewsbury, who worked on the game; and Robert Holmes, composer (and the husband of Jane Jensen). Sit back and click below to discover the fascinating history of the game and the people who (lovingly) broke it.



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