Little Nightmares III

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Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

August 24, 2023

Little Nightmares to resume under Supermassive Games in 2024

Next installment of acclaimed horror series to offer both singleplayer and online co-op play modes


The acclaimed Little Nightmares horror series has been giving players nightmares of their own since 2017 and is set to do so once again next year, though this time you can bring a friend along to share in the terror if you wish.

The new game stars Low and Alone, two masked friends who find themselves trapped in a desert wasteland known only as “the Nowhere.” In order to get back to somewhere, the pair must travel through “the Spiral, a world filled with dangerous threats such as Monster Baby in the Necropolis.” Although small and frail, the two young protagonists aren’t entirely defenseless, as Alone is armed with a wrench and Low with a bow and arrow. But when confronted by the twisted grotesqueries of this place, it’s not by force but by cunning that they’ll succeed, working together to solve puzzles as they attempt to overcome their worst childhood fears brought to life.

Unlike the first two games, Little Nightmares III isn’t being developed by series creators Tarsier Studios. Fortunately it’s still in good hands as the torch has been passed to another titan of the horror realm in Supermassive Games, best known for Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology. Despite the change of hands, this game will look and play very much like its predecessors, with grim, largely side-scrolling environments filled with disturbingly macabre details and populated by hideous residents and deadly traps just waiting to ensnare unwanted trespassers. You’ll once again need to use both stealth and guile to overcome the many evironmental obstacles if you hope to survive, only this time two can play in online co-op mode, each person controlling one of the two protagonists in tandem. Those who wish to brave the Nowhere alone, however, can still do so with the game’s AI controlling the second character.

There is no firm target release date yet, but Little Nightmares III will be launched sometime in 2024 for Windows PC on Steam, along with console versions for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms. To whet your appetite while you wait, a new six-part podcast series called The Sounds of Nightmares has begun, the first two of which are available to listen to now. The podcast follows the story of Noone, a young patient at the Counties Psychiatric Institute under the care of Otto, “a man who has dedicated his life to helping kids.” Over the course of their ongoing therapy sessions, however, it becomes increasingly clear that “Otto’s past and Noone’s nightmares seem destined to collide.”


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