Monkey Island SPEEDRUNS? Ron Gilbert Opens Up

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July 15, 2023

It’s not every day you sit down with a legendary game creator to chat about their work. And it’s certainly not every day you get to ask them about people speedrunning their games.

OneShortEye had one of those days.

In this interview, Ron Gilbert explains how he really feels about people skipping all the good parts of Monkey Island. He reveals why his games have randomness, and answers questions straight from the speedrunners themselves. He and OneShortEye also discuss why Guybrush Threepwood is such a jerk — and why it doesn’t matter. And Ron finally reveals the answer to his fans’ most burning question: how long can he sit in silence for a podcast?

Click below to find out, or, if you see this in time, join OneShortEye on his Twitch channel as he chats with viewers about the interview as it debuts live.



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  1. Garystu

    This was a cool interview. I enjoyed the insight into using randomness to avoid brute-force solutions – Its fun that it works so well as to also stop speedrunners from brute forcing. I also think Ron’s insight on Guybrush’s character is interesting. It casually tosses aside a lot of fan analysis lol, but that’s fine – fan analysis is just for fun. And its OK for audience and creator to agree to disagree, and see different things from their different perspectives, etc.


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