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Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

July 11, 2023

Demo offers first chance to Love Too Easily

Choice-driven interactive movie with minigames based on romantic comedy Korean dramas


We’ve probably all been there: one too many drinks the night before, memories a little hazy. But the star of Monster Guide’s upcoming Love Too Easily has a very personal problem the day after her night of excess, and she’s going to need the player’s help to remember just what happened.

After a night out (over)drinking at the pub with her fellow school project members, 23-year-old Yeon-woo wakes up in the bright light of her bedroom the next morning, hungover and still in the same clothes with lipstick smeared across her lips. She vaguely recalls just one thing: a kiss! An enjoyable one at that. But who was it she kissed? What’s worse is that she soon discovers she accidentally switched phones with whoever it was. It has to be one of the three young men at her table, but if she’s to discover the identity of her forgotten flirtation and “continue zen life at college,” players will need to help Yeon-woo make all the right choices, collect clues, and successfully complete the mini-games that crop up to flesh out the mystery.

Described as a “full-scale mystery romantic comedy interactive movie,” Love Too Easily is inspired by popular Korean dramas. Filmed with real actors and subtitled in English, the game involves watching a series of live-action videos and making the correct choices when called upon to make a decision. (These can be timed or untimed, depending on what you choose in the settings.) You’ll decide “where to go, who to talk to, how to answer” and more, and your choices will determine which hints you acquire to push the story forward. Unlike in most interactive movies, however, there will also be a variety of related Quick Time Events and minigames to complete, such as helping Yeon-woo get ready to go out or finding a missing item in her cluttered room amidst optional collectibles. The clues you reveal upon completing a minigame may be important later on and can even impact which ending you get, whether one of the eleven main endings or even some hidden endings. Each time you start a new game the mystery man changes, adding even more replay value, so it’s a good thing that all clues collected will be stored in your diary for easy reference.

The full version of Love Too Easily isn’t far off on PC and PlayStation consoles, but a playable demo is already available on Steam to tide you over until then. (Note: To change the default language from the main menu, select the gear icon and then the fifth option on the following screen.)


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