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Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

May 20, 2023

Dagdrøm served up on Windows and Mac

Classic-styled point-and-click adventure available now for download on Steam and itch.io


For most of us, getting a drink is as simple as walking to the tap or fridge and filling up a glass. But in the desert it’s not nearly so easy as that, whether on Earth or in the sci-fi setting of Eight Bit Skyline’s newly released Dagdrøm.

In a city surrounded by a vast desert, one of the residents’ favourite refreshments is “The Dream Tea.” One day, however, they wake up to find that their reserves have run dry. The only way to procure more is to get more Dream Juice, a “mystical black extract” that can only be found near The Great Tower on the distant horizon. And so a young woman sets out on a treacherous journey across the sandy dunes, where she must “survive mysterious separatists, face The Stone Golem and cook a wide selection of broth-based soups,” to name just some of the obstacles she’ll encounter along the way.

Inspired by the genre classics, Dagdrøm is described as a “challenging old-school adventure game” but with a “simple modern interface.” Over the course of three acts, players will traverse a number of distinct settings designed with high-res hand-drawn graphics and frame-by-frame animation. Populating these locations is a cast of over twenty characters and a variety of puzzles to solve if you’re to succeed in your attempt to “find questions, answers and most importantly: something to drink.” Fortunately, if you need a little help in your quest, the game comes with a “simple in-game hint system and a visual walkthrough guide” to help see you through.

If you’re looking for a little something to quench your adventuring thirst, Dagdrøm is available now to download for Windows and Mac on Steam and itch.io.


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