Twinsen’s odyssey to resume in series reboot

twinsen reboot concept teaser
Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

February 15, 2023

Prototype complete for modernized sequel to cult classic action-adventure series coming to PC and consoles in 2024


It’s been nearly 30 years since a ponytailed young Quetch named Twinsen set out on a journey to save his planet from the rule of a megalomaniacal tyrant in Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure, aka Little Big Adventure, followed shortly thereafter by Twinsen’s Odyssey (or Little Big Adventure 2). It seemed the cult classic action-adventure series was destined to end there, but at long last comes news of Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure, a brand new sequel in a rebooted franchise coming sometime next year.

While few details have been shared about the new game, it will once again be set on the planet of Twinsun, a world with four distinct races and perpetual daylight that gets its name from its two suns. Rather than completing the original planned trilogy with a story about the Genesis of the Stellar Entity, the reboot will feature an all-new tale written and narrated by Samantha Bailly, a screenwriter and author with more than 20 books to her credit. Once again, however, we can count on Twinsen having urgent cause to set out from his comfortable island home to travel the whole planet on a journey of exploration filled with “discoveries and surprises,” not to mention danger.

With input from series creator Frédérick Raynal, the sequel is being developed by a new studio called [2.21], co-founded by Twinsen‘s art director Didier Chanfray. The presentation this time falls under the artistic direction of Paulo Torinno, a lifelong series fan whose “unique line infuses the game … with modernity, humor and poetry.” The story here will be deeper and more nuanced than ever before, but still leavened somewhat with the familiar bright and funny tone that fans have come to expect. The goal isn’t merely to tap into decades of nostalgia, however, but to update the franchise as a “fresh start” for a whole new generation of players, displaying a “daring and creative” vision that is “consistent with the original creators’ intentions.”

There is no word yet on how action and combat elements will be incorporated this time, but we should learn more soon as the studio has just completed a prototype for publishers. If all goes well, we should be seeing the finished version of Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure on PC and consoles sometime in 2024, marking the 30th anniversary of the series’ debut. To follow the game’s progress in the coming months, be sure to drop by the official website for ongoing updates.


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  1. winfrey

    This is Soooo exciting!! I loved this game. I will definitely get this one!!!

  2. Patryk Nejmanowski

    Just replayed the first game on Steam. Combat and the traps under White Leaf Desert were just as annoying as I remembered from the 90s.


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