M9 Games rolls out new puzzle adventure SUBNET

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Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

February 12, 2023

Underground subway thriller available now to download on Windows PC, with mobile and Switch versions to follow


It’s been a bit longer than usual since we last heard from M9 Games, the prolific indie developer behind such titles as ALUMNI, VEREDA, and the Mystery of Camp Enigma series, to name just a few. But the (relative) drought has now ended with the release of a new escape room-style puzzler, SUBNET.

A malicious new hacker group known as drkFORCE has committed a cyber attack on the city’s subway system, leaving “chaos and disruption” in its wake. A frequent subway passenger yourself, you play an IT expert with first-hand insight and the skills needed to “track down the hackers and uncover their plan.” Now the fate of the whole transportation network – and perhaps more – is in your hands, challenging you to “test your detective skills and solve the puzzle as you race against time in the heart of the city.”

As with the developer’s most recent games, SUBNET is a free-roaming first-person puzzle adventure that begins aboveground but eventually sends you deep into the corrupted subway system itself. You’ll need to collect a “vast array of objects” along the way as you “navigate the underground, decode clues and put the pieces of the puzzle together, all while trying to stay one step ahead of the drkFORCE hackers.” Fortunately you aren’t alone in your task, as you’re “accompanied by an AI assistant who will monitor CCTV, feedback news and information to help guide and assist you on your mission.”

SUBNET is currently available exclusively on Steam for Windows PC (compatible with Steam Deck), but the iOS mobile version is mere days away, with a Nintendo Switch port expected sometime as early as next month.


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