Indiegogo campaign formed for The Graveyard Union

Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

November 1, 2022

Hand-animated mockumentary-style point-and-click mystery in the world of monsters announced for PC


Monsters get a bad rap. Are they really the terrifying, hideous creatures they’re made out to be, or really misunderstood people(ish)-things just trying to live peacefully like the rest of us? In The Graveyard Union, an upcoming point-and-click adventure from Regzig Games that is currently seeking crowdfunding through Indiegogo, the answer is definitely the latter.

Creatures of myth are very much real in this world, but they’ve been shamelessly exploited by humans in the entertainment media throughout the years. In order to protect themselves, the monsters have now organized and players will follow “three college students as they go about documenting the local trade union … for their university project.” But change is difficult both for mankind and for many of the creatures who have “been around for centuries, and may be having a hard time adjusting.” Perhaps not surprisingly, then, things will “gradually spiral into madness” when the manager of the The Graveyard Union’s offices disappears under suspicious circumstances.


Entirely hand-drawn and animated frame by frame using “washed-out colors and heavy use of black shadows,” The Graveyard Union focuses on investigative-style gameplay as you film and direct your documentary “in the style of This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show, and The Office (albeit funnier).” You’ll conduct your interviews in the union offices and the surrounding city in nonlinear fashion, and the questions you ask will be “a combination of the ones unlocked through the game, and the ones you’ll be combining in your notebook” via keywords automatically added as you progress. Only by asking the right questions can you get the answers you need to progress.

To help finance their game, the indie Cyprus-based developer has launched an all-or-nothing fixed Indiegogo campaign to raise €41,700 by November 25th, meaning no funds will be received unless the goal is fully met. (A PayPal link is also provided as an alternate means of support.) If all goes well, we could see The Graveyard Union released for Windows PC by October 2024, with other platforms possible if additional goals are met.


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