Unheard: Voices of Crime detected on consoles

Unheard: Voices of Crime

Ports of 2019 interactive radio drama available with bonus case for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch   Think you could solve crimes with your eyes closed? That's more or less what you'll have to do to succeed in NEXT Studios' Unheard: Voices of Crime, a unique...

Rocco’s Island: Ring to End the Pain review – Casual hybrid suffers from a poor match of gameplay styles

Rocco’s Island: Ring to End the Pain

I won’t mince words: Rocco’s Island: Ring to End the Pain is not fun. It’s beautiful to look at, just not an enjoyable time. And if I could get away with just that sentence as a review, I’d leave it there. But since a little explanation is in order, I’ll elaborate on...

Demo set free for Dejar Ir

Dejar Ir – A Pandemic Soulful Tale

Full version of “pandemic soulful tale” based on different works of art coming soon to PC and consoles   It’s hard to say anything good came from COVID-19, but look hard enough and there are a few silver linings. One such unexpected benefit is the unique and...

Demo becomes a reality for Afterdream


New side-scroller from the creator of DISTRAINT delayed to later this year for PC and consoles   Ever had a dream that felt so real and yet, even subconsciously, you somehow knew it couldn't be? It's precisely this kind of surreal scenario players will find...

Kujlevka readies for first contact in April


An "adventure game of otherworldly encounters" coming next month on Windows and Linux   We've yet to (at least knowingly) make first contact with an alien species, but how would such an encounter play out? There have been many depictions of just such a meeting...

Mozart Requiem review – Entertaining historical mystery desperately in need of fine tuning

Mozart Requiem

When contemplating the great adventurers throughout history, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart likely isn’t the first to spring to mind. However, the famed composer stars in Hoplite Research’s 2.5D point-and-click Mozart Requiem and makes a surprisingly capable protagonist,...

Paper Trail on track for 2023 release

Paper Trail

Top-down paper folding puzzler coming to PC, consoles and mobile devices via the Netflix app   Most stories "unfold" in a relatively straightforward manner, but occasionally one does so in a much more literal way, like in Newfangled Games' upcoming top-down...