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Fragmented Almanac


The Fragmented Almanac is a strange document, an oddity even amongst Dreamcast games.  At the junction of video games, art and alchemy, this project combined two short experimentations to create an unique adventure set in a multifaceted and complex timeline. In THE HIDEOUT: This place is filled with alchemical knowledge, old tales and mystical symbols. It's the hidden path in the forest, seen by very few. Can you unlock its secret? In SUMMONING SIGNALS, Sprinter-2 crashed on an Unknown Planet. Help the Pilot and figure out a way to leave the labyrinth. Discover this strange world where new technology and old ruins coexist.



Fragmented Almanac is an intriguing new addition to the Dreamcast’s small adventure library. It can feel like more of a tech demo than a fully realized game, but with two different gameplay types to experience, the end result is enjoyable enough for the brief time it lasts. Read more



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