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The Will of Arthur Flabbington


Your uncle recently died and he left you nothing in his will. He mentions a treasure though, and left instructions on how to get it to his two dearest friends. These friends now hate each other and don't want anything to do with it, so the next obvious thing to do is to recover the treasure yourself. But how? Well, by going to a psychic and contacting your uncle's spirit, so you can ask him directly. But things don't go as expected: the summoning evokes the ghost of a random guy and you can't get rid of him unless you really find the treasure. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam, GOG and



Other than the odd puzzle frustration, The Will of Arthur Flabbington offers plenty of nostalgia, laughs and a gauntlet of inventory-based brainteasers that is sure to stretch your creative thinking when glued to your screen and keep you thoughtfully pondering when away from it. Read more



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