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MADievals: The Rise of Rusty Steelknee


A fearless knight named Rusty Steelknee, hunter of precious relics, arrives in the Realm of Manzasun. Nothing is known about him, apart from the fact that he's never without his helm, his horse Spoffy or his cast iron drawers, and that his purpose is to take possession of the Idol Lamp, kept inside the Ascension Temple. The realm, though, has been afflicted by a curse, the CuPeNEver, and surrounded by a terrible eternal darkness. Very soon, Rusty – due to both his proud temper and a series of not exactly accidental coincidences – will become embroiled in events much bigger than himself. 




With its lack of relevant story progression until a rushed finale, MADievals won’t make a lasting impression, but its eccentric characters, plethora of anachronisms, and straight-up weirdness keep this fantasy medieval romp entertaining in the moment. Read more



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