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Slay the Princess


Tasked by a mysterious narrator to slay the princess imprisoned in a remote cabin in the woods, you must save the world by damning the damsel in distress. Discover how quickly a single task morphs into a surreal tangle of lies and deceit, encounter a host of personalities, and explore the truth to decide the best course of action. Even walking away from the situation pushes forward a looping, branching meta-narrative where every choice shifts the context of what was once a simple request. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam.



While Slay the Princess comes in a deceptively simple package, it contains what feels like a whole universe of horror, humor and humanity; it takes the visual novel format and pushes it as far as it will go, with a story that changes and adapts to every decision you make without ever forsaking its central themes of identity, eternity, and the nature of life and death. Read more



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