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The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales


Seek redemption for astonishing crimes as Etienne Quist, a bookwalker with the ability to plunge into the worlds of literature. Search through the words of authors to steal valuable artifacts like the potion of life or King Arthur’s Sword in the Stone, but take caution of vicious Ink Eaters, shapeshifting entities hidden amidst the texts waiting to attack. Pay penance as unique and undiscovered planes are traversed through various periods of time. Available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox (including Xbox Game Pass) platforms.



The Bookwalker isn’t about inventing new wheels but combining familiar concepts in intriguing ways, ably marrying point-and-click adventuring and turn-based combat to provide a dark world to explore, filled with surprises that are ultimately more intriguing than its grand finale. Read more



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