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Thanks to the wonderful supporters who made our Kickstarter such a smashing success!

Thanks to the wonderful supporters who made our Kickstarter such a smashing success!

Hi friends. We will be releasing a good chunk of new details about the Adventure Game Fan Fair (such as guests, panels and events) on Monday! We are so excited to start sharing more and more of what we have been working so hard at behind the scenes. We will also be opening individual ticket sales up through the site at that time. YAY! 

In the meantime, I want to express my appreciation once again for all your support that made our crowdfunding campaign such a success. Many of you helped spread the word, even if you couldn't contribute financially, for which we are truly grateful. And for those that did back the campaign, I speak for myself and the rest of the team in thanking you all from the bottom of our hearts, with a tip of our adventure game caps. 

These are the wonderful backers who helped us get the project "kickstarted." We can't wait to see you in July! 

Alex Kain

David Younger

Aaron Zemach

Attila Kovács

Jason Mical

Dean Beever

Robert Kety

Ivy Dupler

Ashley Michele Etter


David Klco

Michael Cousell

The Creative Fund by BackerKit

Elad Adelman

William Kolasa

Sam Beaulieu

Kira Jones

Stuart Feldhamer

Moonlogic Games

Sarah Kelley

Peter Liesenfeld

Paul Korman (The Phantom Fellows)

Matt Flinton


Alan May

Alex Harmon


James Lightfoot

Joshua Elliott

Roberta Vaughan

Amy Tant

Stephen Walker

Libby Cohen

Duy Tran

Matias Ekebom

Hans Reutter

Soldiers of Fortune Comics


Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander

Tom Hardwidge

Carla G

Russ Danner


Miguel Friginal

Kevin Tuttle

Some Guy

Steven Garrett

Connor Lennon

Gareth Paterson

John Taylor

Una and Gus

Johnny Nys

Jonathan Spring

Ann McKellar

Edmundo Ruiz Ghanem



Jason Underhill

Tore Brede

Jack Wu

Jake Rodkin

Strange Attractor

Vicki H.

Ken Seed

Think Picture Studios

Cade Peterson


Michael Stum

Tyler Drinkard

Aviv Salinas

Ten Sky


Paul L

Neil McPhillips

Radio Silence Studios

Ryan Slattery


Francisco Ignacio Sáenz

Charity Patton

Scott Percival

Kristie Ann

Gus & Una

Brett Hamlin


Valtteri Tavast

Alberto Costa

Corey Cole

Blake Wright

Ben Zotto


Madam Coyote

Chad Armstrong


Celtic Guardian 7

Marina Ohlmann

Julian Gregory

Toby Steele

Ryan Phan

Samuel McIntosh

Sean Parker

Brant Langer Gurganus

Kristin Bennion


Philip Boesecke

Igor Vukomanovic

Ramón Wilhelm

Pier Polo

Kathryn A

Zach Israel

Matthew Sinex

Erik Elsom


Nat Budin

Michael Savage

Meredith Gran

Intense Degree

Sameer Kale

Tania Liebowitz


Micah Orsie

Colin P | Sesari

Richard Hoover

Jackie Stewart

Gavin Greene

Nathan Vernon Madison



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