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TerrorBytes horror gaming docuseries to be unleashed in 2025

TerrorBytes horror gaming docuseries to be unleashed in 2025
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Pre-order for five-part series includes hours of additional content and exclusive live Q&As with industry legends

Adventure games and the horror genre have been inextricably linked many times over the decades. In fact, we recently rounded up some of the best and scariest ever for your knee-knocking enjoyment. It's no surprise, then, that they'll be similarly well-represented in TerrorBytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming, an upcoming documentary series from CreatorVC, the acclaimed producers of In Search of Darkness and FPS: First Person Shooter

TerrorBytes will consist of five hour-long episodes that "explore and celebrate the rich history of horror gaming." Each installment will feature its own central theme, including survival horror, the use of "lethal licences," notable indie productions, and the controversies that often surround games with hyper-violent and profane subject matter, even to the point of being considered "cursed." Adventure games will be featured throughout the series, but the episode of most interest to point-and-click fans is sure to be the one devoted to "Narrative Nightmares," which highlights renowned cinematic horror games and FMV titles from "the surreal and unique to the kitsch and campy," such as Night Trap, The 7th Guest, the Gabriel Knight series, and Phantasmagoria, to name just a few. 

The five meticulously researched episodes promise extensive behind-the-scenes access through interviews with "the developers, artists, composers, and other experts who crafted some of the scariest games of all time." Indeed, the all-star guest list is a veritable who's who of legendary industry veterans, such as Sierra co-founders Ken and Roberta Williams, Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight), Sam Barlow (Her Story, Immmortality, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories), Clock Tower director Hifumi Kouno, Frictional's Thomas Grip (Amnesia, SOMA), id software co-founder John Romero (DOOM), David Mullich (I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, Dark Seed II), Mary Kenney (The Walking Dead: The Final Season), Eternal Darkness director Denis Dyack, and Slay the Princess creators Abby and Tony Howard, plus many more.

Fans of horror games will want to act fast, as an exclusive pre-order offer is available from the official website only until March 3rd. The digital version of TerrorBytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming is due to launch in March 2025, with region-free blu-ray editions to follow a month later, each including a digital copy of the four-hour First Person Shooter documentary as well. Higher price tiers offer additional content, from physical swag like t-shirts and posters to a six-month membership pass for Darkness Unlimited, an exclusive platform that provides over 35 hours of additional horror content. And throughout the coming year there will be a series of online events, including regular vidcasts and live Q&As with "the biggest names in horror gaming," set to get underway in April. 


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