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Second episode launched for Jorel's Brother and the Most Important Game of the Galaxy

Second episode launched for Jorel's Brother and the Most Important Game of the Galaxy
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Classic-styled point-and-click sci-fi comedy adventure based on popular Brazilian cartoon series


While it may not be well-known outside of South America, Jorel's Brother is a popular animated TV series that debuted over a decade ago on the Cartoon Network Brazil. Earlier this year the franchise branched out with the debut installment of a three-part episodic adventure called Jorel's Brother and the Most Important Game of the Galaxy, and now the second installment is ready for purchase as downloadable content.

As with the show it's based on, the game stars the nameless eight-year-old sibling of the "handsome and popular" Jorel. A shy boy forced to live in his older brother's shadow, the young protagonist struggles to find ways to forge his own identity and earn recognition from his "eccentric" family. Here Jorel's brother sees an opportunity when a "mysterious video game falls from the sky" into every home in town, and he is determined to be the one to finish it and and unravel its mystery, "even if it takes him to the utmost ends of the galaxy." His quest will pit him against a host of obstacles, including "alien spaceships, authoritarian clowns ... driving tests, and avocado smoothies." The newly released second installment will see Jorel's brother aboard an alien spacecraft, where he must confront "the most cruel challenge of all time: BUREACURACY!"

Playable with a mouse, keyboard or controller, the stylishly hand-drawn game is intended to look and feel just like an interactive spinoff episode of the TV show, with the same artists and writers contributing to both. Promising a story "full of comedy, mystery, and twists and turns" (subtitled in English), the full journey will comprise more than 30 characters to interact with, both new and familiar locations to visit, and plenty of items to collect and puzzles to solve along the way. You can also expect some "brutal" minigames to pose a challenge "on the beach, in outer space and ... in the shower?!" For a more leisurely pursuit, you should keep an eye out for collectible stickers scattered throughout to fill your album with places and characters from the series.

As Jorel's Brother and the Most Important Game of the Galaxy is intended to be a single continuous story, the original episode (on Steam for Windows PC, the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android) is required to play Chapter 2, which is now available either as DLC on Steam, or via in-app purchase on mobile devices. The third and final installment is still to come sometime in October.


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