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DESORDRE fully pieced together on Steam

DESORDRE fully pieced together on Steam
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Portal-style physics puzzle from the creator of Time Breaker available now on Windows PC


One of the benefits of adventure games is that they can be relaxing, almost meditative in their leisurely puzzle-based gameplay. (In between all the hair-pulling, that is.) Indie developer SHK Interactive has taken this concept to a more literal level with their newly released environmental puzzler, DESORDRE.

Players step into the first-person shoes of patient 689, part of an experimental program designed by a company called Plegus Therapy. During this "groundbreaking simulation," you must navigate not one but two parallel worlds, each with its own unique characteristics and challenges that invite you to "push the boundaries of reality and uncover new dimensions of your therapeutic potential." Only by utilizing the tools at your disposal and thinking in four dimensions can you hope to solve the many complex puzzles along the way and "achieve your healing."

Similar to the developer's previous game, 2022's Time Breaker, DESORDRE is a free-roaming 3D physics puzzler inspired by the Portal series. Unlike the more realistic setting of its (unrelated) predecessor, however, this game takes place within a surreal landscape of geometric shapes, like a world of ill-fitting Lego blocks in blacks and whites, reds and purples. As you make your way through the game's two distinct worlds, you must learn to "defy the limits of reality and master unique mechanics," whether rerouting power, slowing down time, redirecting lasers, or even using a portal gun to "instantly travel between two points in the environment" in a direct nod to the developer's acclaimed inspiration. It'll take all of your equipment and wits, and at least a little bit of dexterity if you're to "use the laws of physics to your advantage, leveraging movement and speed to reach your objectives."

If you're ready to pull the trigger – all in the name of well-being and science, of course – there's no need to wait, as DESORDRE is available now on Steam for Windows PC.


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