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Alabama Bones Adventures debut being whipped into shape

Alabama Bones Adventures debut being whipped into shape
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Demo available for classic-styled satirical pixel art adventure coming to Windows, Mac and Linux this summer


Maybe ancient artifacts don't belong in a museum? What may be true for Indiana Jones is not so true for the star of GameResort's upcoming satirical point-and-click adventure, Alabama Bones Adventures: The Return of the Stolen Artifacts.

Rather than a standard treasure hunt through exotic locales to find legendary artifacts, this game offers a unique spin on the formula: here the titular "aging archeologist finally realizes that there was really nothing noble about his collecting past." Indeed, it was nothing more than "glorified theft all along!" And so our "faded hero" sets out to right those wrongs by returning "decades of stolen artifacts from museums to their rightful owners."

Unlike the indie developer's previous mobile exclusive starring Alabama Bones, the new game is not a platformer but a full-fledged classic-styled adventure, offering both point-and-click and gamepad control options. Presented in colourfully stylized pixel art, Alabama Bones Adventures will send players across continents to explore many varied locations, each representing the origin of its own sacred (but stolen) item. The first chapter, for example, will send us from "the Peruvian high desert roads deep into the jungle where our hero needs to find his way back into that one fateful cave." It turns out that even returning things is more complicated than you'd expect, however, as "the cave won't take its secrets back so easily and there will be plenty of unpleasant traps along the way."

There is no firm release date just yet, but Alabama Jones: The Return of the Stolen Artifacts should be ready to spring into action sometime later this year on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. That gives you more than enough time to play the browser-based demo while you wait, offering a sample taste of what to expect from the full game.


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