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April launch date rock solid for Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit

April launch date rock solid for Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit
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Third-person 3D gravity-bending adventure coming to Nintendo Switch on April 20th


Everyone knows the Medusa myth, and what a terrifying legend it is. But imagine how Medusa must feel, living a life where no one can ever look at her in the face. While not starring the classical Greek goddess herself, the upcoming Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit will offer a little insight into being afflicted by just such a tragic curse when it arrives this spring.

Molly is serving as a sculptor's apprentice when she is cursed to become the snake-haired Medusa, so now "every living thing she goes near instantly turns into a stone statue." This has its advantages and disadvantages, as it applies equally to "enemies and friends, bosses and shopkeepers, monsters and allies, even animals and small insects." No one is spared a petrified fate at a mere gaze upon the young protagonist. If Molly has any hope of reversing the curse, she must make her way through "a series of mystical temples, as she struggles with loneliness and alienation."

Created by Niklas Hallin, Molly Medusa is much more like the indie Swedish developer's previous game, the Legend of Zelda-like Yono and the Celestial Elephants, than the more traditional adventure that preceded it, Belladonna. Accompanied by a heavy metal soundtrack by Burning Planet, this game is a fully 3D third-person adventure that sends players through the minotaur’s "labyrinthine lair" to Underworld rivers, the "owl-haunted halls of Minerva, and past an opulent palace of long fingers and ill-gotten gold." In each new location, gravity plays a central role. Or defying gravity, as the case may be. Within the temples of Molly's journey, gravity is local to Molly herself, allowing her to "easily walk up walls, or upside down in the ceiling," with help from a grappling hook that can transport her to distant surfaces. This enables the level design to "twist in on itself, and curl into labyrinths that are physically impossible," turning the young woman's quest into a series of "M. C. Escher scavenger hunts."

The good news is, there isn't much longer to wait for Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit, as the game is due arrive on April 20th. The bad news (for some) is that you'll need to have a Switch console to play it, as it will be launching exclusively on the Nintendo eShop.


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