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Flawless Abbey tuning up for release

Flawless Abbey tuning up for release
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Music-based watercolour adventure through a magical labyrinthine tower unveiled for Windows PC


A "flawless abbey" sounds like a great place to visit. The catch is, to get there you'll first need to make your way through a "mysterious, grotesque Labyrinth Tower" in an upcoming new musical puzzle adventure by Bed Head Games.

Players will find themselves in a tower that, "as if a living thing, moves and breathes to the beat of a melody" conducted by an elaborate, intricate clockwork mechanism. With no memory of how you got there, you must begin your climb through "a maze of clockwork and song" with the help of a fragile musical artifact called a Star-Key. Only by "unlocking your way with the power of melody" will you be able to meet a woman named Aurora and reveal the tower's secrets, including the "true purpose of your visit."

Though your journey through the tower is a solo one played from a first-person perspective, Flawless Abbey is ultimately a game "about human relationships." Presented in a striking 3D aesthetic with textures painted entirely in watercolour, this "enigmatic and delicate world" is filled with musical puzzles to solve and cutout mannequin-like characters to meet along the way. In overcoming the many obstacles in your path, you must take care not to damage your Star-Key, because it that gets broken, "there's no telling what might happen."

There is currently no firm target release date, but development of Flawless Abbey is well underway and will be launched on Steam for Windows PC when production is complete.


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