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First details come to life for Necrophosis

First details come to life for Necrophosis
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Nightmarish new horror adventure unveiled from the creator of The Shore and Eresys

Think about the worst, most disturbing dream environment you can remember, and it probably still won't come close to the deliciously terrifying setting cooked up by Ares Dragonis, Adonis Brosteanu and Dragonis Games for their upcoming new horror adventure, Necrophosis

The game is set in a "nightmarish dreamworld, a realm where the boundaries between reality and hellish visions blur into a haunting tapestry of dread." For some reason, "entities from different universes converge" here, and you are the latest such entity to arrive. But where you are and how you got here are entirely secondary to finding a way to escape, as you are "lost and alone" with no choice but to venture out and explore. As you traverse "eerie landscapes ... teeming with grotesque forms," you'll discover a series of interconnected regions, each of which "unfolds like a sinister puzzle box along with narrations and famous poems, housing its own set of unique mechanics" and "urging you to fathom the unfathomable."

Game director Ares Dragonis is no stranger to spine-tingling horror games, having previously created the creepy co-op horror game Erysys and the richly atmospheric survival horror The Shore. But while those titles were distinctly Lovecraftian, Necrophosis takes its inspiration from the late Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński. Created with the Unreal Engine 5, the first-person, free-roaming 3D "mystical puzzle adventure" is designed to be a nonlinear experience. As you progress through its gloriously ominous world, filled with skulls, skeletons and twisted architecture awash in desert browns, you'll find that "every corner introduces new enigmas, challenging your understanding of the macabre reality that surrounds you." While little is known of either the story or gameplay so far, the developers promise a "narrative tapestry woven with puzzles, and enigmatic characters that breathe life into a seamless, interwoven world." 

If you're already shivering in anticipation (anticipation... yeah, that's why), unfortunately there's still a while to wait for Necrophosis, but a demo is planned ahead of its eventual launch on Steam for Windows PC. 


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