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Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

November 9, 2023

First details unearthed from The Mine

Psychological “journey through seventeenth-century Sweden” coming to Windows PC in January


Modern-day Sweden has been nicely represented by the many Carol Reed mysteries by MDNA games, but indie developer Nordic Legacy Studios’ upcoming psychological thriller The Mine will soon take us back to a lesser-known bygone era from the country’s history.

It’s the 1600s, and players assume the role of a “cautious miner in the small, enigmatic town of Elsborg.” Lately you’ve been plagued by “nightmares of a burning house and an accusatory voice” that have you questioning your own sanity and are dragging you down even during waking hours, filling you with “a lingering sense of dread in your daily life, making you increasingly cautious and amplifying your fears.” Then you unearth a “cryptic document that seems linked to the town’s eccentric doctor, who becomes noticeably uneasy when your nightmares are mentioned.” To resolve this mystery without neglecting the everyday challenges of a seventeenth-century miner, you must navigate both the town of Elsborg and the depths of the nearby copper mines, chat with the colorful locals, overcome obstacles, and make important choices that will “either lead you closer to unraveling the unsettling mysteries at hand or plunge you deeper into a maze of confusion and suspicion.”

The Mine is a third-person 3D point-and-click adventure that promises a “rich blend of humor, challenging puzzles, and a unique historical setting.” Solo designer Fredrik Eklind is striving for an authentic experience that accurately reflects the details of the period, albeit in a fictional narrative context. Interacting with the town’s fully voiced residents is an integral aspect of gameplay, such as the “weary bartender who’s clearly tired of his job, and noisy patrons who frequent the pub.” Indeed, the pub is a central location you’ll visit often to “find solace in the local beer, a comforting yet distracting indulgence” to take your mind off the “pressing mysteries and challenges you face.” Your choices along the way will determine which of the multiple possible endings you get, allowing you to replay the game to try different approaches.

The mysteries of The Mine will unearthed early in the new year, as the game is due to be launched on Steam on January 26th. To learn more about the game and follows its progress in the coming months, be sure to check out the developer’s website for additional details.


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