Piero's Pilgrimage

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Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

July 22, 2023

Piero’s Pilgrimage gets underway on PC

Absurdist black-and-white adventure from solo Ukrainian developer available now on Steam


When it comes to quests, “delivering a pie” isn’t the most epic of challenges to confront an adventure game protoganist. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be plenty of fun, and even throw a few obstacles in the way, like in solo Ukrainian developer Pier Plowman’s newly released absurdist adventure, Piero’s Pilgrimage.

Players control a dog in a clown suit, which is perhaps the least unusual thing about this game. As you make your way through the “Pie Dimension,” the only thing you should expect is the unexpected. The place is filled with “zany characters” to meet and interact with, such as a “Cat-octopus wielding eight axes.” As you progress toward the “pie-tasting facility far in the sky,” you will find yourself “inside a dead mermaid in the bottom of the sea” and “talking politics with a giant Eyeball,” to name just a few of the extraordinary scenarios that await.

Described by its creator as a “squinky video game adventure,” Piero’s Pilgrimage is an absurdist experience that pays homage to “underground comix and French New Wave movements.” Presented largely in black and white with over 200 individual screens to explore, the game is designed to be “like a walk in a strange park” for players who want to play something “easy but different” than the normal gaming fare. There will still be some puzzling to do along the way, however, with items to collect and mazes to navigate, along with some quizzes and a number-game puzzle. You’ll need to contend with some minigames as well, including a pair that let you show off your driving and typing skills.

If you’re up for a short but surreal bit of adventuring, you can grab your pie and get started right away, as Piero’s Pilgrimage is available now to download on Steam for Windows PC.


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