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Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

June 6, 2023

Repella Fella drawing a crowd on Steam

Free prologue of cartoony choice-based dramedy set in postapocalyptic Australia also available on Windows and Mac


The end of the world isn’t usually a laughing matter, but then most ends of the world aren’t as zany as the one in Misadventurous’s newly released choice-driven dramedy adventure, Repella Fella.

The story begins with the world on the brink of collapse in 1968 Australia, where a young man working for the titular pest management company inadvertently finds himself thrust into an underwater emergency shelter system on his own for fifteen years just as (presumably) all hell breaks loose above. When resources run out, he’s forced to resurface and face a new world that doesn’t look much different than before, except that everything’s a little off. Everyone’s armed, the animals have changed, and life here is now more dangerous than ever. It’s up to players to decide how this man and two other playable protagonists with intertwining stories will navigate this strange new future as they “work towards a better life.”

Described as a spiritual successor to the solo developer’s Flash series Ray, Repella Fella is a heavily choice-driven point-and-click adventure (or point-and-hold, in the case of movement). You’ll alternate between the three protagonists, guiding them through more than 540 colourfully hand-painted scenes in which you’ll collect items, “read things, listen to audio cassettes … complete small quests” and chat with an eclectic cast of fellow survivors – all fully voiced by authentic Australian actors, including the developer himself in the lead role. Along the way there will be many different choices to make, as you can “shoot, stab, lie and maim your way through any problem that presents itself.” Yes, the game can be as violent as it sounds, in an overtly cartoony way, so bear in mind that death and destruction goes both ways. All told there’s approximately six hours of gameplay, but depending on the various story branches you choose, it will take at least three complete playthroughs to see everything.

You can dive right into Repella Fella right away, as the game is available now on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux, or you can sample the half-hour playable prologue (Windows and Mac only) for a free taste of what to expect.


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