The Creepy Syndrome

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Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

April 27, 2023

The Creepy Syndrome ready for catching

Anthology of psychological horror stories with varied graphics and gameplay available today on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch


Horror stories seem particularly well-suited to anthology-style treatments, from Creepshow to Tales from the Crypt to Guillermo del Toro’s recent Cabinet of Curiosities. It works well in games, too, and the latest such collection of various horror tales is available now in the form of Boomfire Games’ The Creepy Syndrome.

Four distinct stories are intertwined through a “mysterious psychiatrist” who has a most unusual method of delving the troubled psyches of his patients, and has “something very special in mind for you.” His analysis is done by making you play “disturbing video games” that force you to relive past traumas, deal with occult sects, visit “a cursed bunker” and more. Each experience has a meaning to uncover, but as you progress, “everything gets creepier [and] you don’t know why you’re there, or how it’s all going to end.” Indeed, how it ends will depend on how you approach this terrifying form of therapy, as there are multiple potential outcomes available.

In keeping with the different narratives being told, each of The Creepy Syndrome‘s four tales is presented in it own pixel art aesthetic, from 1-bit to 8-bit, from top-down to side-scrolling, from third person to first person reminiscent of the old dungeon crawlers. The gameplay too promises to be unique to each episode, with “different ways to play for each story,” although in all of them players can expect plenty of puzzles to solve, traps to overcome, and possibly even a bit of light action elements on occasion.

The Creepy Syndrome is available today for download, so if you’re ready for some throwback chills, just point and click your way over to Steam for Windows PC, or the related online storefronts for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles.


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