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Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

February 22, 2023

Side-scrolling retro thriller spanning two dimensions available now for download on Steam


A good reporter will go to great lengths for a story, but the up-and-coming journalist of RunByCoffee’s newly released Mythargia will have to go a lot farther and risk a lot more than most.

Looking for his first big break, a young man follows a promising lead to the eerie titular island only to find “supernatural beings and dangerous traps await at every turn.” Taking control of the protagonist as he pursues the scoop of a lifetime, players will need to document the experience both in writing and photos to piece together the mystery of this place, along with collecting items and tools required to progress. The deeper into the island interior you venture, the more you’ll uncover, ultimately ending up in an entirely new dimension. Earning the trust of the islanders you encounter there won’t be easy, however, and the life-threatening hazards increase each time you “cross the damaged boundary between dimensions.”

Described by the game’s indie developer as a “hair-raising descendant” of Atari’s 1982 classic Pitfall, Mythargia is a side-scrolling pixel art adventure that promises to bring “vintage 2D tricks into the age of modern gaming in new and exciting ways.” Combining traditional adventuring with “the thrills of a horror and mystery game,” gameplay will include a variety of journals and clues to find, “challenging” puzzles to solve, meagre resources to manage, and a number of “unnatural encounters … with otherworldly beings and creatures” to contend with along the way.

If you think you have what it takes to brave the dangers of Mythargia, you can get started right away, as the game is available now to download on Steam for Windows PC.


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