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Tourist Trap news teaser
Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

February 16, 2023

Point-and-click surrealist dark comedy adventure set in South America coming this year to Windows PC


As visitors to exotic places, we tend to see only the best parts of popular tourist destinations, but are we really getting the true picture of what happens behind that idyllic veneer? The answer, at least according to Tragico Media’s upcoming Tourist Trap, is a resounding “no.”

The game takes place in the town of Santa Ballena, a seemingly “sunny paradise” in South America that is becoming increasingly “affected by tourism gentrification.” Players control a young tour guide named Lucas, who lives in an open house where people can pay to watch him live out his daily home life like a zoo exhibit. But Lucas has a disturbing dream premonition that something is very, very wrong, and sure enough, with the help of a talking monkey, the young man finds himself swept up in the midst of a “conspiracy involving local abductions, political rebels and Pharos, the shady foreign corporation controlling the town.”

That’s all we know about the “surrealist dark comedy” story so far, but Tourist Trap certainly looks the part of a fun place to visit, with a delightfully vivid hand-painted cartoon art style accompanied by some simplistically simulated voice acting. With one-button point-and-click mechanics playable with either a mouse or controller, the game will include some “light puzzle solving” along the way but promises to focus more on the narrative behind the troubles of this not-so-utopian vacation getaway.

You can’t book passage just yet, as Tourist Trap won’t be complete until sometime later this year, but for an early taste of what’s to come, a playable demo is available now on Steam for Windows PC.


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