Tokyo Stories to be shared this year on PC and consoles

Tokyo Stories teaser
Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

February 9, 2023

Upcoming 3D pixel art adventure unveiled by the creators of Rain


When someone unexpectedly disappears, the only clues to what happened are found in the memories chronicled in the environments left behind. This is the premise behind Tokyo Stories, the working title of an upcoming new mystery by Drecom with a very distinct sense of place.

When her best friend goes missing, an uneasy young woman follows in her footsteps, wandering around Tokyo in an attempt to piece together the mystery. Along the way she meets a man who has disappeared from somewhere else, escaping here to “hide a secret he can’t tell anyone.” It seems as if the “empty” city has something it wants to tell, but it won’t be a linear puzzle, as the truth will only reveal itself through “a series of overlapping stories.” And beware asking questions whose answers you may not want to hear, as “the story they weave slowly begins to bare its fangs at them, and soon everything takes an unexpected turn.”

Tokyo Stories is the latest brainchild from the creators of the atmospheric 2013 PlayStation 3 game, rain. While little has been revealed about the gameplay so far, its striking aesthetic features an unusual combination of anime-inspired characters with 3D and pixel art. The game’s two main protagonists are at the center of the narrative, but the setting is essentially a character of its own. Something is clearly not right in this version of Tokyo, as the only other “people” around appear to be faceless mannequins, and it’ll be up to players to figure out why and what it all means.

There is no target release date for Tokyo Stories just yet, but development is currently underway and the game will launch on both Steam for Windows PC and as-yet-unannounced consoles when finished. The official website has additional details and links to keep you apprised of its progress in the meantime.


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