Captain Disaster readies for launch in The Two Worlds of Riskara

captain disaster and the two worlds of riskara teaser
Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

January 29, 2023

Latest installment in comedic sci-fi Captain Disaster adventure series to feature new cartoony hand-drawn look


Captain Kirk only got a five-year mission, but Captain Disaster is still going strong at ten years and counting, with his next adventure to be The Two Worlds of Riskara.

After debuting in the freeware title The Dark Side of the Moon in 2013, Captain Disaster starred in his first commercial outing in 2017’s Death Has a Million Stomping Boots. For an encore, the titular spacefaring protagonist is “more of a hero than a disaster,” although he’s still very much an “intrepid nincompoop.” This time around he undertakes a “journey of discovery to a planet whose inhabitants do not fully realise the enormity and significance of their world’s history.” There players will find “two races that have long been driven apart” and will need to find a way to reunite them, and perhaps even “bring back an ancient race long thought extinct” in the process.

The Two Worlds of Riskara will once again feature full voice acting, an original score, a contextual interface and plenty of point-and-click adventuring goodness, but this Captain Disaster sports a whole new look than before. Gone are the chunky pixels of the game’s predecessors, replaced here with “highly detailed cartoon-style graphics” for the first time in the series. The plot will be more epic too, involving “a legend that spans across millennia,” and along the way you’ll “meet aliens, bump into an old acquaintance, and have puzzles galore to solve as you groan under the weight of a million terrible jokes.”

There is no target release date just yet, but Captain Disaster and The Two Worlds of Riskara is now ready for wishlisting on Steam for Windows PC, with a playable demo expected sometime in the next couple months. That leaves lots of time to check out the original freeware adventure and get caught up if you like what you see, though no prior familiarity will be needed to enjoy the new game.


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