Beach Cafe: Caribbean Sand served up on PC and Switch

Beach Cafe news teaser
Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

January 21, 2023

Debut installment of slideshow-style mystery series available for download on Steam and the Nintendo eShop


A name like Beach Cafe: Caribbean Sand might conjure up images of lounging in the sun under blue skies with even bluer water lapping at your toes. But when it comes to adventure games, there’s no such thing as a relaxing vacation, not with a mystery to solve in Killbug Studio’s newly released first-person adventure.

Your grandfather once had a bar on an isolated part of the beach, but not only has it been closed for two years now, there’s been no sign of your grandfather either. If you’re to find out what became of him, you’ll need to visit the places that were meaningful to him – and to you as well, as they’re “full of memories of the stories your grandpa used to tell you.” Only by doing so will you be able to “unravel the secrets surrounding his disappearance.”

Presented in a first-person slideshow-style format with directional navigation, Beach Cafe tasks players with thoroughly investigating areas of interest in search of evidence and clues. Along the way you’ll need to “collect memories” that will help you solve a variety of puzzles and lead you closer to revealing the “big secret” concealed in this seemingly idyllic beachside paradise.

Available now to download on Steam for Windows PC and the Nintendo eShop for Switch, Beach Cafe: Caribbean Sand is intended to be just the debut of a new series of “mystery and escape room” adventures to be continued in future installments.


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